Our objectives

The objectives of the Centre are to

– To organize and coordinate human and documentary resources relating to image studies in Europe, at a local, national, European, and international level;

– To conduct research activities on the European circulation of artistic and non-artistic images from the 1900s to the advent of the Internet;

– To disseminate results through academic and non-academic publications;

– To develop content and teaching tools on the history of European cultural unity through images; they will be used by teachers, museums and the press alike; teaching activities around the dissemination of images will also be promoted (pupils’ workshops on visual « memes » and on visual « fake news » and visual semantics)

– To provide researchers and greater public with a replicable digital visual search engine that can be used to search for the dissemination of images, identify images that are more influential than others, and visualize their dissemination over time and space;

– To enrich the debate on the European and non-European intercultural encounter by including the question of image in globalization.